Today, I am sharing with you what my morning routine looks like, to give you an idea of what to incorporate in your morning to set yourself up to have a radiant day.
I never used to be a morning person. I didn't enjoy getting up and rushing to get ready for work. Sleeping in on the weekends or days off was something I looked forward to. But that has changed over the years. I now wake up earlier and enjoy it better.

Before going to bed, there are a few things I do.

  • No cell phone in the bedroom. Cell phones emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies which can disrupt sleep. Also, notifications can be a distraction keeping you up longer and preventing a good night sleep. The cell phone is left to charge overnight, in the kitchen, and on airplane mode.
  •  The alarm clock is set to the classical music radio station so that I wake up to pleasant music rather than the sound of a jarring alarm. The volume can also be a factor, so I have it set so that it's loud enough for me to hear but not too lout as to wake me up in a panic.

This article is the first of five covering my experience working with each elemental force towards my own personal healing as part of the Becoming Human Crystal program with Naisha Ashian. All five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Storm) are present within us as much as they are present around us.

In the course, we work with the chakras and we connect with each element, using crystals to help heal, shift, and become aware of different aspects of ourselves. The first element we worked with was the Earth element.

The Earth element is solid, stable, and very present. Earth is all around us. Without Earth, there would be no us. Its solid state also represents physicality. It gives us security and allows us to survive. Our bones and tissues represent the dense aspects of Earth element within our bodies.

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