When looking for that perfect crystal, it’s important to release expectation and know that you will find just the right one for you. Of course, it’s important to feel a connection with the piece you get and not just settle. But sometimes we get too specific on what we want and miss out on opportunities to work with another piece that would offer just as much positive energy and healing.

Often, people go shopping for a specific crystal based on what they’ve read in a book, or on what a friend has told them, and so, have built expectations that the crystal will help them in the same way it did their friend, or do exactly what is written in a book.

“… continuing to use the stones as mere objects for our use is like using the Holy Grail for a beer mug.” A quote from the book “Steps on the Stone Path” by Robert Sardello, a great reminder that stones are not just objects to be used however we see fit.

Today, I want to talk to you about different kinds of stones. Not the kind that you meditate with and that offer positive, supportive energy. I want to talk to you about stones that form in the liver. Before I go any further, I will insert disclaimer to say that I am not a health professional and that the information shared in this post is simply my opinion and should not be taken as health advice.

Most people have heard of kidney stones; however, few have heard of similar stones that form in the liver. Everybody has them, without even realizing it. The fact that we are exposed to many chemicals throughout the run of a day, that we may not always eat the proper foods for our bodies need, and that we may have unprocessed emotions, all contribute to these stones forming in the liver. Why in the liver? The liver filters, or at least tries to, all the toxins from our body. The toxins that collect in the liver, over time, start to form tiny stones.

Due to the continuous overexposure to toxins, it can cause the liver to clog up. The stones block he bile ducts preventing bile to flow to the digestive system. This leads to not having enough bile to properly digest food, hence not even receiving all of the nutrients. The undigested food then putrefies causing more toxins to be reabsorbed by the liver. A continuous vicious cycle takes place if the liver is never properly cleansed. A clogged liver can lead to ailments in other organs or even create disease in the body.

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