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When talking about energy, the popular conversation is around how to protect yourself from unwanted external energies; from our environment, or from the people around us. But rarely do we put the focus on ourselves to analyze what type of energy we are giving off.

Just as much as people around us (and our environment) can have an effect on us, we can have an effect on them. Sometimes we wonder why a person acts one way with us but acts completely different with others.

Have a look at what your days are like, and how you wake up in the morning. What do you feel generally? How do you react to situations that arise in your life? Your overall state of being can tell a lot about the type of energy you are giving off.

If you are generally (or react in a way that is) frustrated, annoyed, or envious, then you are in a state of anger and it is highly likely that people will respond negatively to you. They will either show their anger back to you, try to avoid dealing with you, or they may feel victimized or bullied.

When choosing a crystal, often people will choose based on the colour and which chakra it is associated to. For example, if someone was looking to heal their throat chakra, they typically would choose a blue crystal since in modern times the throat chakra has been associated to the colour blue.

Although this simple reference can be helpful when someone is just beginning with crystals, and not sure where to start, it is not an accurate way of choosing.

You see, chakras don’t technically have colors. This model was only adopted in modern times to help educate people on the variating densities of energies.

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